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Website “ALB Electronic” respects the privacy of the individuals who visit our website. No information regarding your personal information will be shared with 3rd parties.


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Use of user data

Any data left on this website will be used solely for statistical purposes and improvement of services we offer.

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We may use DART cookies which are used to show advertisements based on your browsing history and they are part of the Google DoubleClick services. DART cookies are known as impersonalized cookies that cannot access your personal data such as phone number, credit card or other.

Comment policy

Disparaging or offensive language are forbidden in comments. It is forbidden to promote or endorse other services and companies. Any comment deemed not to comply with these guidelines will be subject to deletion.

Content policy

All content on “ALB Electronic” website is made by expert staff with extensive experience, often obtained in professional practice; all content on this web site is protected by copyright laws, and unauthorized selection, copying, arrangement, distribution is prohibited and may be punishable according to copyright law.
Where copyright is infringed, the copyright owner may bring a legal action against the infringer to recover damages; “damages” is monetary compensation paid to the copyright owner for loss suffered in respect of the infringement.

Linked websites

Our content may contain links to other third-party websites beyond our control and therefore out of our policy. ALB Electronic is not responsible for the content of a third-party website. By clicking on a third-party link, you will leave our website. We strongly advise to examine privacy and security policies of third-party websites as it can differ from those practiced by CreativeBlog.

Children’s privacy policy

ALB Electronic is perfectly safe for children above 13 years of age.

Our website is not aimed at children under 13 years old and we will not collect, use, provide or process in any other form any personal information of children under the age of 13 deliberately. If you are under 13 years old, please do not send us your personal information (for example, your name, address and email address) as we shall delete that information.
ALB Electronic encourages parents or guardians to protect their children on Internet. Here are tips which will provide safer surfing experience for your child:
– teach your children not to submit their personal information (for example, name, address and email address) except getting their parent or guardian to do so on their behalf.
– inform yourself which websites your children visit, and which content is appropriate for them.
– search for a privacy policy of every website you visit and monitor if child is aware of terms in that policy.
– please visit this website